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Four Ways to Own Your Analytics Workflow

Master campaign spend attribution when you break free from summarized dashboard views and manual backend spreadsheet extracts and take control of your analytics workflow.

More Money, More (Attribution) Problems

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When reviewing the campaign reporting dashboard your BI team built, you notice a spike in cost per lead. You want to identify which ads are responsible but find it’s easier said than done: Since there’s no single source of truth between platforms, you have to log into and filter through native reporting. 

Fortunately, you’re an Excel guru, so when you notice a single campaign is responsible for the increase, you start exporting data to get a granular view. That’s when you see other negative trends in your daily budget spend. A few more spreadsheet exports later, you finally have all the information you need to present to your CMO — who wants to see what happens in the next two weeks. You could go back to your BI team and ask for help rebuilding your dashboard — or, you can take control of your analytics workflow.

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