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Four Ways to Own Your Analytics Workflow

Take control of your analytics workflow and get to the “why” at lightning speed when you break free from high-level dashboards and limiting spreadsheet extracts.

Tangled up in Root Cause Analysis?

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Your free guide to root cause analysis, campaign spend attribution, and more

It’s the end of the quarter and you’re reviewing a dashboard that your BI team prepared on product distribution. To your surprise, there’s a spike in supplier throughput compared to last quarter. 

You need to find out what went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again, so you try to dig into the data to run a root cause analysis. But you don’t know SQL, so you can’t dig into data directly without going back to your BI team for help. To make matters worse, your presentation to leadership is in a few hours, so you don’t have time to wait for BI to get to your request. 

You can either tell leadership that they’ll have to wait at least a week for your BI team to help you complete your analysis — or, you can take control of your analytics workflow. 

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