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Four Ways to Own Your Analytics Workflow

Breakthrough uncertainty and model any scenario at lightning speed when you free yourself from high-level dashboards and limiting spreadsheet extracts.

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When reviewing a recent KPI dashboard your BI team built, you see that you’re at risk of missing your quarterly revenue projection. You want to drill in directly and model a few scenarios with the potential to turn things around but can’t because you don’t know SQL. You could go to your BI team for help, but you can’t afford to wait in their queue.  

You’re an Excel guru, so you take matters into your own hands and extract the data to a spreadsheet – only to realize it’s outdated and missing information from a key source. The file is painfully slow and crashes when you try to combine data sets for a complete picture. You can either go back to the BI team and spend your weekend fighting with Excel — or, you can take control of your analytics workflow.

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